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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a system that captures the image of vehicles in mass surveillance and recognizes their license number. It is a recognition technique in which cameras capture an image of a number plate, which is then processed to reveal the information on the plate.

Automatic number-plate identification is a technique that reads automobile registration plates by using optical character recognition on photograph


Goals Set for Us

  • An automated system for car parking and vehicle monitoring.
  • A log of vehicles needs to be created using time and number plate details.
  • Systems need to be used against finding lost and stolen vehicles.
  • System should have an ability to detect the number plate from a live video feed from the camera.

Our Roles

Project Planning

UX/UI Research




Our Approach

  • Planning the project and choosing the most suitable frameworks / packages that could facilitate the required features/functionalities.
  • System analysis is followed by functional analysis.
  • Gather and analyze UX data.
  • Design a UI prototype based on the UX deliverables.
  • Development & Testing

Project in Detail

Many residential society administration, polls, business complexes and parking spaces in India lack an automated system for car parking and vehicle monitoring. Most of the commercial and residential places face an Impending problem of illegal car/vehicle parking Inside their premises.

This issue is not bound to just parking, but also adds to the security concerns Inside those establishments. Though there are solutions that exist in the market, the affordability comes into question. The idea is to develop an affordable solution that caters to the Indian markets.

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