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Everything begins with a need. After the pandemic situation, it was important for many to maintain connections with their team members, clients, and communities. The reusing of existing systems in different use cases was not an easy task.

Boo Chat is an instant messaging & streaming service that can stay connected with your teams, businesses, loved ones, etc.. Using Boo chat service you can easily integrate Chat and Streaming service into your system.



Goals Set for Us

  • The main goal is to make the system as portable as possible to adapt it to different projects that share similar requirements with little to no effort.
  • Security is much important
  • Data loss can be avoided while switching from one device to another
  • Files can be filtered according to file extensions
  • Clean and modern UI
  • Highly confidential data storing.
  • Let the users can share files and send messages Instantly.
  • Group creations can be possible and within the groups, a video conference can also be done.
  • Providing users with some commands to perform quick actions like deleting a contact/chats, making a call voice/video call, etc.
  • One-to-one & group video calling should be possible.

Our Roles

Competitive Research

Project Planning

UX/UI Research

UI Design




Our Approach

  • Collect information on already available products/services.
  • Planning the project and choosing the most suitable frameworks / packages that could facilitate the required features/functionalities.
  • System analysis is followed by functional analysis.
  • Gather and analyze UX data.
  • Design a UI prototype based on the UX deliverables.
  • Development & Testing

Project in Detail


In the market study conducted by our team, we found that the readily available solutions do not meet our requirements and are very limited in terms of expendability.

Even though similar solutions are readily available, the main reason for adopting the development was to limit the cost and to maintain the confidentiality and security of data which are handling.

Moreover, we needed adequate controls over the system and what goes into it. For us, the system should much portable as possible, so we can easily integrate with our existing set of microservices and should have room to add new features in the future. All this led to the development of a streaming & chat system of our own.


While planning the project, one of our goals was to make it adaptable to future projects that may need similar features. So to eliminate any possible future hassles, we decided to make it a microservice that can be used in a plug-and-play fashion. While planning the prototyping, we prepare documentation and UI/UX design with the project requirements and user specifications to create a test plan.

Our team has designed our system to be similar to popular applications available. So that the user much be comfortable with the system. After compiling the available data, we created wireframes for each screen, which allowed us to test interactions and understand the look and feel of the app.

Usability testing

Next, we went through usability testing to get user feedback. We shared the high-frame with a few users and collected their experiences. This stage helped us to uncover opportunities to improve the overall user experience.


For the backend, Express is a Node.js based web application framework that we selected because of its simplicity. For this particular project, we wanted something that was less difficult. For the two-way event-based

We would rely on Web Sockets for real-time communication, and we opted due to the Socket IO librarys capacity to switch to alternative protocols when Web Sockets, automatic reconnection, proxies, and load are not supported. Support for balancers, and most crucially, support for broadcast.

This avoided so much boilerplate code, and it also integrated seamlessly with the Express server. MongoDB is used to store user and configuration data as well as chat logs. For actual management of the chat system, we used a combination of Redis Hash and Sorted Set with Lua scripts to run many queries in transactions.

Redis, is a fast, open source, in-memory data store used as a database, cache, streaming engine, and message broker. Because of its fast performance, Redis is a popular choice for caching, session management, real-time analytics, and chat/messaging.

A modern and intuitive Flutter application for both admins and end-users.

This service, paired with booking and video call microservices, pretty much covered the core features of the project we were developing.

  • Our team launched highly confidential and secured chat and video streaming system
  • Highly adaptable and portable microservice which can be easily integrated with existing systems
  • System can be easily switched between devices with out any data loss
  • One-to-one & group video calling with user friendly design approach

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